For St George!

I’m pinning a number on my bike again! Not a race I have almost no competitive instinct!

But a Charity bike ride soon for StGeorges Hospital where I was taken to, having been found in Bushy Park having being attacked by aliens or whatever! And have had various assessments and treatments, quite a number where fairly odd though method in the madness in that I’ve improved quite dramatically in some cases.

After the party is over!

Tracey and Adrian had a “Party for no reason” yesterday which also was my 43rd time around the sun! So there was cake!

Which was rather lovely! Though apparently very heavy to carry, Sophia who carried it home!

It was a lovely “party for no reason” in spite of photographic evidence there was a lot of people there, and a band! Had a lovely time.

Though we where a little tired when home!


Had my Physio today at St George’s ie having improbable things done to me by young women, and I’ve improved so much, ie was able to walk across a dark park last week, which I’d not have been able to before it’s a real recovery of ability, and she ran a few tests (hence the improbable) such as making me do a reading test, while shaking my head, which I did much better in that I could still read where as before i couldn’t keep focused.

Really happy that I’ve got back so much, and thus I’m discharged which will be great as the whole experience of hospitals knackers me out, plus the bus/train I managed to mildly fall on the bus, no harm done!

I clearly will have to keep practicing or I guess the brain will get lazy? I also found out what it’s called which is Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction, essentially my left ear, the vestibular system there is damaged, hence the other systems having to take up the slack.

Not sure if that’s the end of Roger going to hospital, I was supposed to see the God of Neuropsychologist I think? Or I may be free but either way today is a good day!

Tigers and Mamil’s

This weekend was a busy one, on Saturday went with Headway South West London to London Zoo was fabulous day out, really enjoyed myself, totally exhausted by end though, not unsurprisingly crowds and dark exhibits made my brain flip, but it was a lovely day, lots of folks I knew, some I probably did but didn’t recognise but such is life!

And Sunday was the ride london, that a friend of mine rode in, so I went for a spin around to gawp at the streets full of bikes etc, was a fairly wet day! So bar one wasn’t many at the Club by time I’d stopped making a balls up of punctures on my ride! Still paying for it some two days later to be honest, but it was a good weekend!

In to the dark parks we go!

Coming back from Headway meeting, the train went no further than Teddington so thought since it was getting dark at this point and no easy bus route home, I’d walk though Bushy Park, only 2 miles, but certainly by end fully dark. Be a good test of how my dark balance/vestibular system was doing, from having the Physio ie improbable things by young women at StGeorges.

Lots of floaty/world is spinning and a bit of wandering off line. But no Zombie walk nor falling, few minor missteps, really chuffed! Don’t get me wrong I’m exhausted I had to focus on my walking the full hr or so it took me, but I couldn’t even do this a few months back so I’m very pleased!

Hampton Pool/2nd Club Run and heatwave!

Last night when to Hampton Pool with Lee and Dave, to watch T-Rex and David Bowie or rather cover bands of them! Sara had a great time, as it was the music of her youth! For myself the can’t balance in the dark or even gloom, and certainly not with the stimulation/confusion of folks dancing in the dark/music/light show etc. So we’d tried taking a chair so I could sit, which worked, but was frankly a bit pointless! I had tried shortly after my Bump, don’t get me wrong I’m so much better than before but it’s just too much!

No matter today I went to do something I can do and fairly well ie ride a bike, went on my 2nd Club Run with Dittons Velo again went places I hadn’t been for years. Really enjoyed it, was fair bit slower which is fine by me! And more hills which equally is fine by me!

A Bike ride!

Went for a bike ride with Mum today, from Llanfoist home, mostly via the old railway line, Mum seemed to enjoy it, didn’t much like the one steep point, just after Govilon though her E-bike was far easier than my gravel bike! Was a lovely ride up the valley!Was only a few miles but quite a lot of feet climbing, not to be sniffed at!As ever been to two hospitals few days ago, West Mid Hospital for a MRI which wasn’t very pleasant it has to be said, staff where lovely but it’s still not terribly nice, and it triggered a Vertigo attack which wasn’t unexpected.And then in the afternoon went to see the Wobbly head woman, ie the Vestibular Physio, I also heard that the Physio that had seen me in the Wolfson had been knocked off her bike out side StGeorges hospital. And has lost some teeth and broken nose? Wobbly Head wants to look at idea may have fairly permanent Migraine re my sound sensitivity.Today also is the NHS 70th birthday inspired by Tredegar, which is local to where I grew up, and also realised my parents span it, in that my father is just before and my mother just after!

Way Ahead 2018

I went again to The Way Ahead which is Headway’s annual conference lots of talks and of course Birds! This time not on ones head though!

This time around I deliberately didn’t go for every talk but spread it out and even took my bike so I could go for short spins. The noise and stimulation was too much last year, this year I was mostly human most of the time!

The talks I saw where oN Health and Rehabilitation which was a bit weak to be honest, but quite interesting ever the less, on the Friday.

And on Saturday I saw a great talk by Mark Bowra about his story, and his Bowra Bags, as ever Sporty/military folks have a huge drive to succeed which I’m sure helps hugely. And after Lunch a talk by Dr David Lee about sleep and Brain Injury which is quite pertinent for myself!

Was also nice and social I had worried that I’d be bored, but I was recognised by various Headway Staff, even if I didn’t myself! And chatted to various others over food/drinks, though one young woman claimed i was Respectable! Which I think may be a compliment of sorts!

Was a lovely if exhausting weekend.

Dittons Velo

Been for my first club run for 10 years at least, since i’d stopped going/been interested I guess and then been recovering I guess, from that Injury, I had ridden with David for a few years but that all stopped.

He has been involved in a small bike club called Dittons Velo For a few years I’ve been thinking about it for a while, met David to have a chat a week or so ago, and today went on the first Club Run with them, they meet in a local Cafe Rouge, rather too loud for my delicate little grey cells! But great once out, busy roads and close riding but lovely to be sociable again. Watch this space I guess! And yes that’s not the Surrey Hills but is the road bike.

Headway Ball

Last night, we went to Headway South West London fundraising’s ball, in Richmond Hill Hotel, was fun to see folk scrubbed up, always more fun later in the evening when you can mingle/chat.

We are both suffering today! Sa because she is a early riser/to bed and my self because well just because that’s how it works now! But we both managed it, still standing (just) in the early morning, we got in after 12!

One of the things, that Sa has said in the past, is how Headway SW London has helped relationships, and ours in the after the accident, in how we adjusted after the accident, since it does change, and in many ways the voice and story of the partners/family gets lost since understandably the focus is on the injured person.