Ride London

This weekend was Ride London so on the Sunday when most of rides are on, both sportive and race and thus lots of closed road, so went with a fellow club member on a ride down the towpath before heading back to the club HQ ie a pub en route to watch the sportive riders, and fellow club and shout encouragement! Before heading to watch the Pros set off in Bushy park.

Was great fun but as ever as a Spoonie I’ve paid for it today!

Hampton Court

Today Headway South West London had one of its socials to Hampton Court we spent a few hours been taken by a guide, though I do go quite frequently do learn more as you have someone on tap to ask.

And was also lovely to chat to folks both at the Palace and at lunch after! But lovely if long day, finished off with a street party with a hungover wife!

Zombie is back!

It’s been and remains a shattering time at moment, just back from a Headway South London meeting and the 3/4 million mile walk home from the bus stop got overtaken by every one including Mrs Marple a like! Plus some foot dragging, gait swaying. I’m just over tired!

We have some friends staying from Australia, which is lovely but uses up cognitive Spoons

Peeps the larger cat, has had complications from a operation, which has resulted in two seizures, which have been short, but has made for a stressful time for all parties!

Ironically it’s Headway’s focus for Brain injury week, Fatigue

Slowly I’m collecting spoons but it takes days if not weeks!

I have though managed to make it with our lovely visitors to Avebury which is a spectacular place!

Mum’s 70th

Last weekend we celebrated Mum’s 70th in a lovely weekend away, was a hot tub which the younger generations loved!

Lots of stories and tails of shenanigans of younger life generally revolving around Frank!

Lovely to have time to spend with family, and some lovely meals, including Sunday Curry by my lovely wife!

I though I smelled something!

One of the more amusing things I’ve noticed which presumably is due to my sensitivity ie damaged balance system.

Is young women, or more accurately they have a habit of being reasonably small humans, and even ones I don’t know for some reason have a habit of hiding in my armpit as you where, ie too my side, where I tend not to notice them, can disturb my balance if they we do contact, I’ve trod on quite few, or worse! This comes to mind!

Exhausted and frankly not happy.

Been a lot of stuff both at home and work last few months, and this weekend has brought it to Ahead, I’ve used all of the Spoons and yet again feel dangerously tired and unable to think, and this being neurological isn’t fixed by one good nights sleep though that would be nice.

I’ve had two episodes of feeling far too tired when driving which is scary and dangerous, this has to stop.

Being online

I do quite a lot online, the above is my cycling, recorded by GPS tracking where I am etc. Touch Big Brother though I do find it useful/enjoyable.

I also have shown up on Google Street View and even a Christmas Blog! Oddly I do still use Usenet though it’s not what it was, but 30 years old for social media is quite good!

Christmas? As ever not my favourite time of year, this one has been a git, looking forward though, toying with the idea that a job that doesn’t involve shifts and sleep in, is probably the way forward though no easy task so we’ll see about that!

We also have my mothers 70th, A wedding! And possibly a trip to France? So it’s fairly positive really!