I deserve a medal!

Framed photo frame with Mt Teide route, with a DIttons Velo medal and certificate Gravello Rider of the year!

So start of the month, had Sara’s Birthday celebrations which had lots of folks and two big events plus travel there and home!

And I topped off that week by going to http://www.dittonsvelo.org.uk Christmas Party which was a lovely and I got a medal!

I hadn’t thought I’d manage even some of that week let alone all, particularly the Christmas party.

It shows how far I’m come and learnt to adjust to the brain injury.

The anniversary was on the Christmas party, so you’ll have to forgive some pride!

Part time!

Cracked skull, min
My cracked skull!

From next week I’m going part time, has been Sara’s initial idea as I’m permanently exhausted, medical term for it is Fatigue

I have been aware that I’m probably doing to much, the consultant essentially said as much as well as some other medical bods who concisely have been advising that I need to be “kind to myself”.

I have high hopes I’ll feel a lot better, and energy for life, clearly for myself I’m hopeful of cycling! But also more sensible bits of life as well!

Top Gun!

Hampton court, open air cinema, Sara with a drink.

Just back from watching Top Gun at Hampton Court, Luna Cinema.

Bit of a mix bag in that we loved watching the film, though it really hasn’t aged well!

Open air cinema, at Hampton Court at night.

But since my balance requires light and hates soft surfaces, and crowds bit of struggle moving about both after the film ended and during as the only toilet was the one in the wilderness so a fair distance in low light.

So I did enjoyed it but I did also endure it so not sure I’d do it again as took a lot of effort, and has made my vestibular system go haywire, which it will do for few hrs yet!

Hampton court at night with moon

Back to the gap

Tire with mudguard with scary eyes!

Been down to Wales and wanted to go up the Gap which is a pre Roman road over the Brecon Beacons.

And somewhere that I’d ridden in the past on fairly basic MTB no suspension etc, with friends.

Was a lovely ride up and over the hills and the views are spectacular!

Gap road looking south

Sadly the Gap road has got very rough from peak down. Probably 4×4 use.

And it’s tipped from a Rocky but flowing downhill to having to pick your way down. But the views are just as spectacular!

Family and Friends!

Roger under Seven bridge, hair standing on end due to wind!

Last week I was able to visit family and friends most of which I’ve not seen for 8 months at least!

I did also do a fair bit of cycling, from exploring Big Pit with Paul to climbing the Cuckoo!

Now this is not the end!

Vaccine 2 Jab!

Over a year since COVID19 arrived and a lot has changed some not good, due to the my work some deaths, and it has been hard adjusting for various people.

But most folks I know now have had at least one vaccination if not both. And at least in the uk things are getting brighter, and restrictions are lifting bit by bit. Went out on a bike ride with other people!

I am concerned that it isn’t over, looking at Europe and further away hence the Churchill quote!

We do live in interesting times do we not!


1st Vaccine!

Had the first dose of the COVID19 vaccine today, as someone who is KeyWorker and all that.

It’s fairly grim now, which I had suspected being a cynical old git! See below!

Winter has arrived! But though I suspect that it’s not the end yet, it’s the beginning of the end to quote Churchill!

Winter is coming!

Fresh faced and COVID19 ready!

So it finally arrived, at work COVID-19 that is so with that so the beard has gone! As the higher protection and yes uncomfortable masks don’t play well with beards!


After a bit of persuasion got a Antibodies test for COVID19.

Which has come back positive, Sara and I had wondered since we both had something vile end of February which lasted and lasted, Sara even rang the GP who assured her that it wasn’t COVID19!

It was certainly unpleasant and I had no lungs for a long time, but since I am Moderate risk.


It’s good to see that it wasn’t worse, I’ve had colds close to that, as I don’t respond well to such things nowadays.

Does it change anything? Not a lot to be honest! I can’t assume that I’m immune or that it will last!

And with family who are High risk plus work clearly I’m going to need to continue being careful.

But it’s both interesting and pleasing ie it could of been much much worse!

Back to the Olympics!

8 years ago, I was kindly taken to the Olympic XC race by David Marsden, it was a fun if very hot day out from what I remember! Being meaning to revisit and see what they have done to it since!

It’s also a year or so before I ( or Aliens?) did this

So has clearly being its being in my head for a few years to revisit Hadleigh Park no I have no real idea why but it felt important to do so!

Took the Gravel bike, which was in places out of its depth, they don’t like rocks! But equally a lot of the track is gravel which isn’t really a Trail MTB’s specialty either, clearly a race XC MTB would be best funnily enough!

Did manage this though which was a hoot! Nobody to cheer though!

In short a fun day, not really sure why I needed to go but apparently I did!

Hadleigh it’s self I think potentially could be quite dangerous as vast majority is tame gravel stuff, with a few featured added, could easily lure the unwary! A lot of steep climbing which I like! Yes I know strange! Is it fun in of itself?

No not really but it’s a race circuit rather than bike park at heart!