Full Circle?

My Poor Head!

6 years after doing that, and 2 years after having the battery of various assessments and rehabilitation, which was started by Headway south west London who got me back into the system as I wasn’t happy or coping well with the changes and loss of who I had been, ie version 1 and 2.

There is a Grieving Cycle idea essentially is grieving for who where and the loss there in of that. Today I was back at the Wolfson though not the same one, I still having two Wolfson units is confusing! To see a Neuropsychologist which originally had been the point of the assessments and then rehabilitation, but at this point both had given me closure, and in I am much happier in my skin now, and have reached acceptance, don’t get me wrong I do still find the fact that I run out of spoons and crash so end up with forced duvet days, or that I randomly don’t recognise or possibly remember people and so on.

So today was a good day, and it’s always ego boosting to be reminded how far and well I’ve done!