Back to the Olympics!

8 years ago, I was kindly taken to the Olympic XC race by David Marsden, it was a fun if very hot day out from what I remember! Being meaning to revisit and see what they have done to it since!

It’s also a year or so before I ( or Aliens?) did this

So has clearly being its being in my head for a few years to revisit Hadleigh Park no I have no real idea why but it felt important to do so!

Took the Gravel bike, which was in places out of its depth, they don’t like rocks! But equally a lot of the track is gravel which isn’t really a Trail MTB’s specialty either, clearly a race XC MTB would be best funnily enough!

Did manage this though which was a hoot! Nobody to cheer though!

In short a fun day, not really sure why I needed to go but apparently I did!

Hadleigh it’s self I think potentially could be quite dangerous as vast majority is tame gravel stuff, with a few featured added, could easily lure the unwary! A lot of steep climbing which I like! Yes I know strange! Is it fun in of itself?

No not really but it’s a race circuit rather than bike park at heart!