Polls, Humble Pie and Disability Hustings!

So at least looking at the polls looks like Labour/Corbyn are gaining on the conservatives who are having a spectacular bad campaign, okay Labour does have Diane Abbott who seems to be specialising in car crash interviews! But the Manifesto and even Corbyn have upped their game, where as the Conservatives launched the Dementia Tax, then the U turn coupled with some poor interviews have not been “strong and stable”! So the Game is a foot! 

Also watching Disability Hustings organised by Mencap and others, following on twitter as well. Clearly not the Conservatives natural area!

Photo of Cousin Ben who I have no recollection of meeting! Though I don’t think we met very often as small children.

Hard vs soft SCI-FI

I like Sci-fi but one of the things I find irritating is not playing within the rules/logic, I’m not talking about star trek where the Enterprise is defeated by a cargo vessel one week, and take on a entire fleet the next, or so on.
But more Sci-fi that shows a future not that far technologically from ours, clearly some genres have their issues, Zombies for example would be very much shorter films/tv series by using walls for example!

One that i feel really doesn’t hang is Battlestar Galactica reboot in that the Battlestars are well armoured with massive and rapid firing guns. While the Cylon Basestar is lightly armoured with fighter craft and such.
Essentially the Basestar is an aircraft carrier vs the Battlestar which though it has fighters is roughly a Battleship, with hugely thick armour plus covered in close in weapon systems and large rapid firing guns, we know how kinetic and explosive weapons work we’ve been killing each other with such weapons for years! The Basestar is massively out of its league, any fighters/missile would be cut to sheds and the Basestar is unlikely to survive long with large calibre shells, which would penetrate deeply.

In short even massively outnumbered the Battlestar would have no trouble destroying the Cylon fleet. In fact the Galactica and  Pegasus would easily able to take on the Cylons who would struggle to find an answer to two Battlestars.

Please offer me a seat?

TFL as well as badges etc for mothers have started to do badges for Invisible disabilities something I do struggle with occasionally, namely I look fine but my walk is slow and I can loose my footing, particularly if in busy public transport, so I have one of these badges.

Wore it today on way to headway meeting which involves going on trains though rush hour, just to give me the confidence to sit in the disabled seats if I need to.


Some folks at my local Headway group have blogs/sites Tom and Raymond plus a guy I know from the wider internet Brain Damaged Baron (Facebook) are attempting to raise awareness of brain injuries and the various charming conditions. I suppose in a way so I am I! Though for myself it’s mostly a sound board!

Brain Injury is remarkably common, about the same as heart attacks but it’s a much less sexy, so the public knowledge is remarkably lacking, and due to funding i.e. Lack of it since it’s a blank cheque, of on going possibly limitless funding/care rather than a clear pathway, with clear funding/prognosis etc.
As ever there are amazing number of conditions and disabilities so expectations that people would know every one is not realistic but brain injury is quite a common condition most are mild clearly, but even so complaints that it’s under funded and lacks public knowledge is fair statement.


Seems to be interesting times with politics, be that BREXIT or the Corbyn Project. I’ve taken time off so I can watch tv for the Election.

I’m not that bothered about BREXIT but I’m quite frustrated about Jeremy Corbyn for a number of reasons.

I find the total lack of a effective opposition at a time when it’s sorely needed. They couldn’t even manage to pull of a stunt about seats on a train with out being found out.

I’m very cynical about him, he has all sorts of fairly unpleasant people around him, and I’m always distrustful of fans boys.

With the local elections and Recent BY elections I’m fairly staggered by the level of faith that people hold in spite of fairly horrific performances. Maybe the 8th will prove me hopelessly wrong.

I just hope that people don’t loose faith in politics it’s good to see people interested!

Great George

Went to see George and family, Amie had a fairly shocking pregnancy but George is a lovely wee thing, not that he’ll remain that size for long!

Chestnut Sunday and Outreach

Been doing Outreach this week like I used to, I really enjoyed it but I’m exhausted and only just squeezed though, but I did enjoy it.

So day off, and it’s Chestnut Sunday in Bushy Park so classic cars, bikes and stuff like tanks parade and fareground rides and so on. Lovely small day out! May need to sleep now though!

Hello world!

Hello World let us see how this works!

This is likely to be mostly but not entirely about my wee knock to my head a few years back.

In terms of new me it’s fairly common for folks with a brain injury to talk about the old and new me.