Seems to be interesting times with politics, be that BREXIT or the Corbyn Project. I’ve taken time off so I can watch tv for the Election.

I’m not that bothered about BREXIT but I’m quite frustrated about Jeremy Corbyn for a number of reasons.

I find the total lack of a effective opposition at a time when it’s sorely needed. They couldn’t even manage to pull of a stunt about seats on a train with out being found out.

I’m very cynical about him, he has all sorts of fairly unpleasant people around him, and I’m always distrustful of fans boys.

With the local elections and Recent BY elections I’m fairly staggered by the level of faith that people hold in spite of fairly horrific performances. Maybe the 8th will prove me hopelessly wrong.

I just hope that people don’t loose faith in politics it’s good to see people interested!