Sara has been quite ill recently, just a flu, which if you’ve had the proper one, ie not a heavy cold, is in bed for a week or so and quite a few weeks of being weak as a kitten! And generally feeling miserable!

But It has brought to focus how much she in many ways does act like a carer, which ironically is my Job! In that she makes sure I do feed myself and or more often cook for us both, and so on. Clearly I’m high functioning but was noticeable how much harder and more tired I was just making sure we ate and didn’t run out of clean clothes and such! She is very good and making sure that things get done, which I’m sure is harder than before, I had that wee bump!

Which I’m sure sounds self centred which to extent it is! But also to recognise how much she does though I know she hates the term Carer!