Inner toddler!

Yes that’s me, and my Tractor before my Mum ran it over in the car! I’ve been to see Physio today, apparently will see her again once more but I’m doing well, it’s strength stuff for high end mobility.

My work have the most confusing annual leave system and am changing over to a online system that is even more confusing, bare in mind I’m Dyslexic before my wee bonk on the head. I’ve got hopeless confused with attempting to book leave and got really stressed and annoyed about it. Not helped by a system that is needlessly complicated, you need to calculate hrs worked per day etc, same for sick leave apparently. I can see that working well 😉

Possibly because I worked for Royal Mail, who for all their faults did things by the book, and highly organised. I’m constantly amazed how inept and disorganised other companies are!