Bikes and disability

Old MTB with panniers and bar bags and orange pedals

One of the things that change some 10 years since my brain injury see below! Is that cycling which was always a hobby/leisure activity also became my way of travelling about as I don’t cope with busy public spaces well, and so public transport is hard or just not doable!

Back of skull with crack running diagonally through

I was interviewed by Wheels for Wellbeing recently and talked about this and my forthcoming visit to the Disablity Expo where my only realistic way to get their was via bike, as I can’t use the Tube/DLR I did try once, never again!

The 3 or so hours at the event where the most exhausting for lots of reasons mainly overloaded ie too much noise from different places, and movement and so on being the delicate wee flower I am!

Did see some fun bits of kit though with wheelchair attachments and recumbent bikes!

Recumbent bikes one of which has fat bike tires