It’s been emotional!

Last day at the Wolfson Nero rehab! At least for now!

And the Psychologist wanted to see Sa, so she came with me and worked from hospital as you where! And it was the the Head Psychologist Dr Shai Betteridge who some of the Headway folks have seen and rave about her!

It was was emotional to hear Sa talking about how she missed the old Roger, I miss him too. But on the positive we are still together and talking!

I’m going to get the discharge which will have the reports from each service ie OT/PSY/PHYSIO/SLT which will be useful in knowing more about the damage and moving beyond it.

I am also going to see more Physio and Psychology some in the Community (probably) some back to Wolfson or at least Queen Mary’s and the Brain stuff. As to when? Next spring?

I’m very grateful that theses services are available, this journey all started, by the help of Laura who runs the Richmond South West London Headway

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