Birthdays and Christmas (is coming)

Been Sara’s Birthday weekend sadly she has been stuck down with Man Flu! And joking aside has been very unwell we did go for a birthday meal, and such but it’s been a miserable few days! We where supposed to go to a 40th birthday party as well which just didn’t happen.

But moving on to ME! It’s the 3rd rehab day, and a very positive one, met my KeyWorker who has given feedback from some of the tests, and what they have found. I also have been tested on emotional responses ie could I work out what people where thinking?

Possibly most interesting and terrifying was the Physio who has had a quick test, and found the weakness, in my leg foot and tracking of my eyes. There is talk of the doing the Epley manoeuvre which I’m guessing will not be fun! Physio is always vaguely terrifying since they do push to the point of failure ie falling. It requires a leap of faith, that the young woman can and will catch you! We shall see if it can improve my balance which is very poor in low light.