Cognitive testing

I am due to get some cognitive testing some 4 years down the line? It was supposed to happen a year or so ago, (it did happen originally but I was so convinced that everything was just fine!) but in that time the Wolfson unit moved from St George’s to Queen Mary’s. And I fell though the gap, which had been frustrating they have apologised which was nice of them.

I’m quite excited about it, I hope it will allow me to understand what has changed ie what’s broke what’s bent and what’s fine! I had very good results a few years back in with Physiotherapy from the Neuro Rehabilitation service in Kew, which at the time I wasn’t convinced at all, at one point I’m being asked to stand on one leg while a young woman throws a soft ball at me!

But it improved much to my surprise my balance immensely for which I’m very grateful and I now understand how that system works or not as you where.

So I’m hoping that Wolfson can do that for me now. Give me knowledge and closure as you where. So my life isn’t just about my head!