Peak District

I went up for a few days, to the Peak District as I’d heard about Mam Tor and the broken road, which had suffered various landslides and so eventually had been abandoned, and it interested me! And it didn’t disappoint!

Road along side of valley, which has slipped in sections down the valley.
Mam Tor broken road

And as happened, during that week Snake Pass had been closed to cars, as it had a few landslides though not as bad! So rode up that, lovely traffic free climb! And spectacular views!

Snake road, on a bend with traffic cones, and one side of road has big cracks plus is sunken
Snake pass cracking

I did also visit the plug hole! Which was flowing nicely!

Reservoir in with overflow shaped like plug hole flowing.
Plug hole

Sadly next day was wet! So had Winnats Pass which is a spectacular gorge, and the moors over to the Monsal trail which is a old railway line in a gorge with a truly improbable and impressive amount of tunnels and Viaducts!

Cycleway on old railway, going into tunnel, with the gorge to one side curving away.
Monsal Trail

I was quite wet and cold by that point so very glad of the cafe in Miller Dale station!

Station cafe

Back over the moors to Castleton, I did have a wee wander up Cavedale gorge, and views to the Castle, again soggy!

Castle above steep sided rocky gorge
Gorge and castle