Had my Physio today at St George’s ie having improbable things done to me by young women, and I’ve improved so much, ie was able to walk across a dark park last week, which I’d not have been able to before it’s a real recovery of ability, and she ran a few tests (hence the improbable) such as making me do a reading test, while shaking my head, which I did much better in that I could still read where as before i couldn’t keep focused.

Really happy that I’ve got back so much, and thus I’m discharged which will be great as the whole experience of hospitals knackers me out, plus the bus/train I managed to mildly fall on the bus, no harm done!

I clearly will have to keep practicing or I guess the brain will get lazy? I also found out what it’s called which is Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction, essentially my left ear, the vestibular system there is damaged, hence the other systems having to take up the slack.

Not sure if that’s the end of Roger going to hospital, I was supposed to see the God of Neuropsychologist I think? Or I may be free but either way today is a good day!