Back to Rehab!

Back to the Richmond Rehab Unit where I had, seen Physio previously.

Saw the Occupational Therapist who is going to do some fatigue management, and to get a over view.

Sadly the Physio was less positive, probably compounded by the fact they haven’t had the full report from Wolfson did a few wee test which since it was my day off etc, I aced unsurprising, and the Physio did mention that my balance is good, which it is when rested, and somewhere with good surfaces etc. There is also some confusion as to if there should be some Vestibular Physio or possibly a Vestibular Clinic? The Physio will hopefully get back to me on that.

Just feeling a bit deflated really since the Physio at the Wolfson had been so can do and found all sorts of wee things that I hadn’t noticed.

And the Tank it’s a T-34 which I went to see after a sleep in at work, as I was curious, it was a hoot if rather wet! Really good day!

2 thoughts on “Back to Rehab!”

  1. Yup, it’s a T-34/85.
    For what it’s worth, I was originally diagnosed with vestibular problems, did the exercises, got nowhere. After an MRI for a different reason, I was awarded hydrocephalus (not your problem, of course) and got a lot of relief from a shunt, but only a partial fix. It gets worse, but that’s age too, again not your problem.
    I’m pretty sure (well, very sure) that my brain is slowly packing in.
    Although interesting.

    1. Oddly a young lassie at work has Hydrocephalus given her Epilepsy as well which is frustrating for someone so young.

      For myself I’m not sure the exercises are doing much, they did before as the Physio was able to kick start my brain to compensate.

      It’s that odd mix of interesting but irritating looking at ones cognitive I guess conditions

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