Gift or Cure

Watched Chris Packham documentary about his and others Autism.

One of the thoughts I had that swirled about, watching this was the question asked was if you could cure your self would you? For most it’s quite a difficult question since the disability or what ever one wants to label it, has often shaped you. For example where I begin and stop and where the Dyslexia is difficult to measure. As much as it did cause me grief particularly in school would I really want to remove me? It’s part of who I am, which is what most folks say what ever they might have/be. Have to be honest I’d roll back time to not have my head injury in a heartbeat!

The other thread which I guess is the other side, is viewing things as a Gift, which happens in the Dyslexic and Autistic Community’s and most though not all other disabilities/label which tends to be honest, starts with wanting to be positive, moves though sugar coating to attempting to rationalise, I always found it intensely annoying!

This Blog by a Mum of some Autistic boys explains it well.