The times they are A-changin!

After just over 4 years, the house I’ve been working at for the past 4 years is closing down it may or may not open in the future.

But the guys and us will be spread to the winds, I’m stressed/nervous since I it is rather short notice plus there is the whole everyone knows me and that I’m mildly odd and have problems with some things, which is worrying.

My commute is a fair bit longer 12 vs 3 miles and much busier!

Sick and bad miss

Since my bump to my head, I get ill quite often and more often it lingers, it’s frankly depressing! I have been to the GP so I have some pills and booked in for a Blood test again!

Oh and my Birthday last Friday I became 42!


This "young" lad went to the vet today, had a blood-urine test, blood sugars where though the roof, so he's Diabetic! Vet did say injections but possibly diet controlled I guess we will have to see!

Hospital Memories

One of the interesting and equally frustrating things about my brain injury is I have very faint memories of the entire Month of December let alone the first week in hospital, now admittedly I was asleep a lot of the time!

My memory stops just before after that its islands of memory confused with out time, some with out vision.

What's odd is what is missed, no memory of the CT scans or ECG and so on, which must of been of interest! I remember being helped to pee by Sara as I didn't want the nurses to help!

Even now sometimes Sara says something that is new to me, it's frustrating to be able to read and listen as to what happened over a week or more but only snatches of memory and large gaps!

Sleep in Crisis

Mencap and others who have been paying folks a flat rate for a sleep in, are now being asked to pay the national wage, and to back date it, 6 years.

Clearly that's rather a big bill! They did rather foolishly Appeal which did rather make them look like the bad guys! Though have managed to get Jon Snow to do some tv Interviews for them. Bit of a mess to be honest!


It is and has been a hard year, relationship wise, with a brain injuries the marriage doesn't survive. The other thing is beyond Sara and my work colleagues, I don't see anyone.

So life is hard at the moment, though has got better recently though My inner toddler has broken though recently, which is not been my finest hour. But things are on the up, my birthday soon!

The Way ahead!

Headway uk has its annual conference the way ahead which Headway South West London have funded for me, so I’m here!
I have gone to many talks and workshops and chatted to people both Brain injured or not!
And my hat for headway is Mr Jingles who is old bird! And does tricks!

It was really interesting and fun, to get the opportunity to hear talks by brain injured folks plus headway staff, about brain injury and Headway, very harrowing though good talk by Tom’s sister.

Plus the social side was a quiz on Friday night my team of west and south west Headway London was 2nd from last! And meals, breaks where good to chat to people, a lovely if tiring weekend again many thanks to Headway SW London for making this happen for me!

Little sister @40!

Chloë’s birthday so saw her for lunch at a lovely cafe/gardens near Bristol Airport called the Ethicurean Sara was very happy lots of choice which normally as a vegetarian isn’t common!
Was lovely to see family again, and not so tired this time!

Comfort Bike

I have been reminded of the help? On Headway forum that my old MTB, gave me in the early days independents and such, by being a dependable and calm bike. Sa and I have named it the Comfort Bike. It allowed me to get out on my own!

It has done a lot of miles now, it is a bit of my grandfathers axe in that it’s frame and handlebars is the only thing left!