The Way ahead!

Headway uk has its annual conference the way ahead which Headway South West London have funded for me, so I’m here!
I have gone to many talks and workshops and chatted to people both Brain injured or not!
And my hat for headway is Mr Jingles who is old bird! And does tricks!

It was really interesting and fun, to get the opportunity to hear talks by brain injured folks plus headway staff, about brain injury and Headway, very harrowing though good talk by Tom’s sister.

Plus the social side was a quiz on Friday night my team of west and south west Headway London was 2nd from last! And meals, breaks where good to chat to people, a lovely if tiring weekend again many thanks to Headway SW London for making this happen for me!

Little sister @40!

ChloĆ«’s birthday so saw her for lunch at a lovely cafe/gardens near Bristol Airport called the Ethicurean Sara was very happy lots of choice which normally as a vegetarian isn’t common!
Was lovely to see family again, and not so tired this time!

Comfort Bike

I have been reminded of the help? On Headway forum that my old MTB, gave me in the early days independents and such, by being a dependable and calm bike. Sa and I have named it the Comfort Bike. It allowed me to get out on my own!

It has done a lot of miles now, it is a bit of my grandfathers axe in that it’s frame and handlebars is the only thing left!

Linda & Dave in the sun!

Just back from a holiday for Dads 70th at Linda and Dave’s new place in Brittany, it was staggering hot! Lovely place with lots of land and lots of places to sleep/hide in the shade!

Long journey though clocked up close to 700 miles return in the car, which is shattering! With two anxious women in the car, and my jolly old broken knogging I’m feeling quite proud!


Dads 70th today, went out to a lovely meal in Pont-Aven to celebrate with Linda and Dave, beautiful place. The place in parts reminds me of places from my childhood and Claude and Vera, Good memories!

Election Night!

So we are here, taken the time off tomorrow so I can watch this car crash of a election!

Thus far, i’m cynical that labour has done as well, tories as badly the exit poll is 314/266 but we shall see!

And the answer is remarkable close! So a Hung Parliament of some point! May’s gamble hasn’t worked! And Corbyn has done well, much to my cynicism!

Scott & Helyn

Scott and Helyn as well as a holiday in Disney world in Florida, they also got married, which was live streamed which is very them! I’m very happy for them.

Concussion in sport

Just stepped out of a talk organised by ABIL for concussion in sports, with talks by various speakers including the chief medical officer for the Rugby Football Union, was very interesting, one point across the different speakers was that concussion and terms like post concussion syndrome are not helpful terms i.e. People have balance etc issues rather than just having a label.

I came via public transport, train wasn’t bad but the tube stations are frankly terrifying!

Photo is just outside where the talk was held in Holborn not that far from the recent terror attack on London Bridge.